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Yasugi Steel Traditional Bonsai Scissors 7"(180mm)

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Traditional bonsai scissors model can help you achieve precise, beautiful pruning results while providing comfort and durability.

Size: L7.09× W3.94× H0.67inch (L180× W100× H17mm) 
Length of Blades: 2.17 inch (55 mm)
Weight: 6.17 oz (175 g)
Material: YCS3 Alloy Tool Steel
※YCS is a trademark of Hitachi Metals, Ltd. 

Made in Japan (Sanjo, Niigata prefecture)
Condition: New

【Made in Japan by 3rd generation of artisans】
Experience the time-honored art of bonsai with our exquisite collection of genuine Japanese bonsai tools, skillfully handforged by third-generation bonsai tool artisans in the historic city of Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture. Sanjo is known since 17th century for the metalwork skills of their artisans and blacksmiths.

【Yasugi Specialty Steel】
Bonsai tools made of Yasugi Specialty Steel, a unique steel produced only in Japan. Yasuki steel is made in the Hitachi Metals plant in Shimane prefecture (Japan). It is created by combining iron and steel, removing impurities (phosphorus, sulfur, etc) that reduce sharpness, and forging and rolling the steel many times with hot processing. The characteristics Yasugi Steel tools are extra strong, wear-resistant and long-lasting sharp tools.

【General Purpose, Beginner friendly】
Made of carbon steel blades, the scissors are ideal for general purpose (pruning and trimming, shoot and leaf cutting) and for beginners. It can easily cut a diameter of up to about 1/2 inches. Uses also include ikebana and general gardening work.

【Butterfly Handle, Golden Engraving】
Large and looped handle, very close to the blade, that fits comfortably in your hand, allowing for a better control. With a beautiful golden engraving of our brand name in traditional Japanese kanji characters.

【Clean Cut, Sharp Edge】
With a short rounded but pointed edge, it severs flower fibers cleanly resulting in better water absorption. The length of the blade makes it ideal for detailed work,.


Gro Bonsai YouTube

Darren George
Bonsai Artist Youtuber

My pair of Yasugi 7” Traditional bonsai scissors excel during root-work. These high-strength scissors cut through thick roots cleanly, important for healing. They are also precise enough to trim fine roots, allowing me to work quickly without having to constantly swap tools. Root scissors often come into contact with soil and debris, but I find the Yasugi steel holds its edge, resisting dullness well. Given how sharp they are straight out of the box, I’m confident I will be able to hone the blades easily - when the time eventually comes.


Pacific Bonsai Museum YouTube

Scarlet Gore
Assistant Museum Curator

I have arthritis in my hands so I especially love that the design of these shears allows me to put my whole thumb in and work for hours without pain. They are so well-balanced and they are a good size, weight, and length. The blades cut effectively all the way to the tip which allows for precision cutting. They are amazing to use when we thin tiny maple leavest.

【Video: How are Wazakura's YASUGI STEEL scissors made?】

【Video: The Artisans behind Wazakura's Yasugi Steel Bonsai Scissors】
Meet Mr. Shige, the Japanese artisan behind our Yasugi Steel Bonsai Scissors (and ikebana as well!) and have a sneak peek at its manufacturing process.

【Video: Bonsai Tool Maintenance】
How do you clean your bonsai tools? Is there a correct way to sharpen them? Or any advice on how to generally proper take care of your bonsai tool kit?

If those questions have ever crossed your mind, you will enjoy this video, in which Wazakura Japan's resident bonsai artist Yusuke Ogawa explains and show the proper way to maintain and take care of your bonsai tools collection.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Robert Turek

Great cutting tool. pairs up nicely with my other cutting tools.

Cs Tan
Quality products

Nice scissor, good holding and sharp, enjoyed using it to trim all my plants

Richard Walters
Another excellent product!

I can’t say enough good things about these scissors. They fit my hand perfectly, and cut with beautiful precision. I am a repeat customer.


Amazing! These are one of the best bonsai tools i’ve ever owned!

Kirk Nicholas

very sharp, and i stabbed my feet with them accidentally. would buy more!