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Vol#23 Bonsai Care in 2023, A Year in Review

Reflecting on a year of bonsai care, I've noted that flowering and budding times have arrived one to two weeks earlier than typical due to global warming.

For instance, while the plum trees blossomed approximately at the same time as in previous years, nearly all the cherry trees ended about ten days before April arrived.

The summer was also scorching hot, causing shade netting and vigilant upkeep necessary to prevent leaf burn. Dehydration was a greater concern than in the past.

The cold weather came a bit later in autumn. Thus, most trees didn't change significantly in color till November. A few days later it got cold, and yet some trees lost their leaves before they even completely changed color, evoking memories of the fluctuating springtime temperatures.

The simple fact that each tree continued to sustain itself all year round demonstrated the resilience of plants, even though the repercussions of climate change made seasonal transitions feel unnatural.

Given the expectation of even higher temperatures next year, this brings a certain level of concern. Let’s all be committed to doing everything within my power to ensure the well-being of the bonsai trees.

Until next time!

ReBonsai Yusuke Ogawa

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