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Arigatou Loyalty Program (Starting in June)

Wazakura Rewards Program


Wazakura Japan is something more than bonsai tools or ikebana supplies. Our customers and community are at the heart of everything we do. So we have set up an exciting rewards and referral system. Earn arigatou points as you shop and share on social media and convert them later into coupons, gift cards and fantastic bonsai experiences.

Because appreciating your support is more than saying thanks. It is saying Arigatou!


How does the Arigatou Program work?

Simply click the Arigatou Program tab on the right side of our site.

Sign up or log in with your customer account email and start earning!


How do I earn Arigatou points?

You earn points from the moment you sign up. Do not forget to claim your 200 welcome points!

Also, every time you make purchase of bonsai tools or ikebana supplies we will rewards you with 1 Arigatou for every 1 USD spent!

Let us know your birthday and we will send you 250 Arigatou to celebrate the special moment.

Or you can also do any of the following actions to get extra points:

  • Refer us to a tomodachi
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest
  • Tag @wazakurajapan on Instagram *
  • Share on Facebook
  • Leave a review of your purchase
  • Review us on Google **
  • Send us a receipt of your first Etsy purchase ***
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • And many more!

* valid once per month

** only valid after a purchase

*** not applicable if you made a previous purchase on our official store

We may offer bonus points events from time to time and in that circumstance the bonus points offer would apply. Separate terms and conditions will apply to each bonus points offer.


How do I spend my Arigatou points?

As you earn and collect points in the Arigatou Program, you will reach a different levels: Ume, Take and Matsu. Each of them has a unique set of benefits and rewards for you to enjoy. Check them out!


Ume (25-999 arigatou)

Take (1000-1499 arigatou)

 Matsu (more than 1500 arigatou)

Birthday Gift

250 points + Birthday Multiplier

250 points + Birthday Multiplier

250 points + Birthday Multiplier

Tomodachi Referral

(info below)






1 coupon 5% off


1 coupon 10% off


1 coupon 15% off

 Free gift


Bonsai Wire, Cleaning Kenzan Needle


Sap Eraser, Mini Kenzan, Stainless Tweezer


Scissors Holder, Brass Kenzan

Gift Card

1 gift card of 10 USD

1 gift card of 15 USD


Early Access to Promotions


            ☑️ (Automatically received on email)

☑️  (Automatically received on email)

Vote on New Releases/New Release Sneak Peek

(Automatically received on email)
(Automatically received on email)

Annual Gift


Japanese Expert Bonsai Coaching/Critique Session


Bonsai Lessons

☑️ (Available soon) ☑️ (Available soon)

Other Exclusive VIP rewards!

Soon! Soon! Soon! 

*Freegifts are subject to stock availability. If there is no stock when you claim a aprticular free gift, we may offer a replacement.

Tomodachi Referral

We reward our existing customers and new ones when you refer friends and family to our store. You will receive 100 arigatou and they will get a 10% off on their first purchase. It’s a win for everyone!

  1. Signup: Join the Arigatou Program
  2. Refer friends: Share with them your personal link
  3. Enjoy the Benefits: When they make their first purchase, you will receive arigatou!

Where can I go to find all of my Arigatou Program account information?

Click on the Arigatou Program tab on the right side our our site. You can view your all the related info to the rewards available for you, your current VIP tier and Arigatou balance and actions you can perform in the menu that will appear. If you have any questions, contact us at

What happens to my Arigatou points when I return or cancel items/an order?

All points earned, including bonus points, will be deducted from your account when merchandise is returned or effectively cancelled.

Can I use the Arigatou Coupons and Gift Cards together with other rewards and promotions when I am shopping?

Coupons obtained through the Arigatou Program cannot be redeemed together other discount codes or promotions at checkout. 

Gift Cards obtained through the Arigatou Program can be used at checkout with other promotions and discount codes as long as they are not from the Arigatou Program.


If I return an item that I used Arigatou Rewards to buy, will I be refunded for the cash/points?

Arigatou Rewards applied to your purchase are non-refundable. If you choose to return an item where you redeemed an Arigatou Program Reward, you will be refunded for the price of the item as reflected in the final invoice.

I have questions about the Arigatou Loyalty Program. Who can I talk to?

If you have any questions regarding Wazakura Japan's Arigatou Loyalty Program, you may email for more information.