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Vol#13 Christmas Tree and Bonsai

Hello everyone.

We have entered December and Christmas trees can now been seen all around Japan. I am pretty sure many people have been decorating their own Christmas trees at home as well.

On this special occasion, I would like to talk about what I believe Christmas trees and bonsai have in common.

When it comes to Christmas trees, people usually use Fir Trees and enjoy decorating them with glittering decoration and lights. Fir trees, which are classified as coniferous trees, never lose their needles, even in winter. It is said they represent the meaning of "eternal life”.

The ornaments used on the tree, such as the star-shaped topper and the apple-like round balls, have their own meanings as well. For example, the star at the top of the Christmas tree represents the "Star of Bethlehem" announcing the birth of Jesus Christ. The round ball represents the "forbidden fruit" Adam and Eve ate.

If you think about it, a decorated Christmas tree is a depiction of the season and the meaning of the celebration behind it. It's just my opinion but enjoying Christmas trees is very much like the art of bonsai. We also recreate a beautiful natural landscape by placing specific and meaningful “ornaments” around a single tree.

For instance, the stones we place near the trees represent mountains and rivers. We can also add bird and flowers representations by hanging painted scrolls on the walls behind. Even the bonsai pot may represent the rocky surface of mountains. By skillfully using these decorations, you can create a single natural landscape. Even though the only real thing here is the bonsai tree.

If you happen to see or even decorate a Christmas tree, I invite you to imagine and enjoy the meaning represented by each decoration.

ReBonsai Yusuke Ogawa 

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