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About Wazakura Japan


Wazakura Japan has been delivering Japanese bonsai and Ikebana tools worldwide since 2019.

We were born of the desire to make quality tools accessible to everyone while keeping the traditional Japanese craftmanship alive. That is why all our tools are designed & manufactured in local Japanese workshops.

We want you to enjoy a little taste of Japan at home with tools 100% made by Japanese skilled local artisans.



We believe in doing business successfully and responsibly. A business should not only be accountable for its financial results, but also for what it provides to the community. Doing good is as important as doing well.

Wazakura Japan integrates the skills of Japanese artisans and blacksmiths within its designs and brand experience. This way, these traditional crafts become more accessible to the present day consumers.

Last but not least, Wazakura contributes to keep these unique and traditional craftmanship methods alive by supporting local communities dedicating their livelihood to them.






At Wazakura Japan, we aspire to provide a better connection between Japanese artisans and consumers through a more meaningful buying experience. Our tools and accessories are exclusively manufactured in Japan with the country's quintessential quality and durability, known and celebrate for centuries.

For this vision to become a reality, and ensure that our strict production standards are respected, we have searched across Japan for responsible, skilled craftsmen, who have a vision. And we did find them in cities such as Sanjo (Niigata Prefecture), Miki (Hyogo prefecture)Toki (Gifu prefecture), Yokkaichi (Mie prefecture) and Tokoname (Aichi Prefecture).

These artisans and blacksmiths use the same techniques passed down and improved though generations Instead of mass-production methods. As a result, their tools are carefully designed in the smallest details.

You can now enjoy incredible and unique pieces that
are much more than just tools.


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