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Vol#20 Bonsai and Wild Plants Pairing


Hello everyone,

Many nature enthusiasts begin their journey with gardening and bonsai before venturing into water stones and wild plants. The world of wild plants is quite known for being deep and fascinating.

In events like exhibitions, wild plants are vital additions to bonsai and water stones, enhancing their overall beauty and charm.

When arranging bonsai trees or placing water stones, people consider the season's feel and the balance between spirituality and practicality.

In the spiritual realm, elements like pine and cypress trees or special stones like Kannon stones are used to create a sacred space. These places are typically located in remote areas like mountain peaks, far from the access of ordinary people.

In contrast, in the physical world, various tree types and common stones symbolize the world of everyday life before one embarks on a journey into the spiritual realm. Very much like a village nestled in the mountains.

Wildflowers, like bonsai trees and water stones, are also categorized based on their role in the spiritual and practical contexts, often considering their natural elevation. Those near mountain summits are seen as spiritually significant and often paired with pine and cypress trees. They can also be categorized by factors like when they bloom or their color.

Mountain wildflowers chosen as companions for bonsai trees are usually favored for their age and the density of their leaves. This preference is rooted in the desire to ensure that the mountain wildflowers align with the age and aesthetic of the bonsai to create a harmonious and era-appropriate pairing. The selection of the pot for the bonsai is also influenced by the desired style or historical context.

Today, there are many cultivated varieties of mountain wildflowers, some with attractive features. While the bonsai industry often prefers wild species, cultivated varieties are used if they enhance the bonsai's appeal.

Growing companion mountain wildflowers for your bonsai can be a delightful and rewarding experience.

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ReBonsai Yusuke Ogawa


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