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Wazakura Japan Partners

At Wazakura, we've partnered with respected institutions, museum, artists, educators, and resellers in the bonsai  and ikebana community to offer our customers exceptional bonsai tools and resources. Our partners share our dedication to excellence and commitment to providing high-quality products and services. Together, we're creating new opportunities for growth and innovation in the world of bonsai.

On this page, you'll learn more about our valued partnerships and exciting projects we've worked on. Join us as we continue to support and promote the art of bonsai and ikebana, and provide our customers with the tools and resources they need to succeed.


Wazakura Japan is now the exclusive Boonsai Tools brand of the Pacific Bonsai Museum. Recognized for our exceptional design and craftsmanship, we're honored to bring that same level of excellence to their organization, members and visitors!

Bonsai Pacific Museum Logo


Nestled amidst towering conifers in Federal Way, Washington, USA, Pacific Bonsai Museum connects people to nature through the living art of bonsai.

One of only two museums in the United States solely dedicated to bonsai, and one of only a handful of bonsai museums worldwide, Pacific Bonsai Museum maintains a collection of 150 bonsai that are among the finest examples of bonsai anywhere in the world. The collection is also the most geographically diverse bonsai collection in the United States, with trees from Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the United States.

A grand outdoor setting with the elegance of a fine art museum, Pacific Bonsai Museum features 60 trees on exhibit at a given time, open to the public six days a week. This cultural gem offers contemporary and traditional bonsai exhibitions, group tours, education programs, field trips, and public events.

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Bonsai Mastermind
Our Exciting Collaboration with ReBonsai


ReBonsai Website

Ogawa Yusuke
Bonsai Artist and Instructor

Introducing our partnership with Recycling bonsai and plants studio ReBonsai! We are proud to collaborate with Mr. Yusuke Ogawa, the renowed representative of ReBonsai, located in Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture. With the theme "Reborn × Bonsai = Recycling of Bonsai," ReBonsai is dedicated to promoting the leasing & recylcing of bonsai and has a wealth of experience in bonsai techniques from Mr. Ogawa's 5-year tenure as a bonsai artist in Saitama Prefecture.

As part of our partnership, Mr. Ogawa rigorously tests and uses every Wazakura bonsai tool, providing us with invaluable insights and feedback to continuously improve our offerings for bonsai enthusiasts around the world. With his exceptional expertise in creating bonsai that aligns with modern living, as well as his skillful craftsmanship in creating water and stone pedestals as a "daishi," we share a common vision of making bonsai more accessible and promoting this proud cultural heritage of Japan to a wider audience.

We are excited to work together with ReBonsai in preserving and promoting the art of bonsai, and we invite you to join us in exploring the world of "life with bonsai" with ReBonsai as our valued partner.



Mastering the Bonsai Craft
Inspiring YouTubers who trust our tools


Appalachian Bonsai YouTube

Ben Kirkland
Instructor of Industrial Design, Virginia Tech

Meet Ben, an incredibly talented Industrial Designer and true bonsai enthusiast. After graduating from Auburn University, he moved to Floyd, Virginia to help his family and has been living there since 2004 with his pets and beautiful bonsai trees. Ben has over a decade of experience in bonsai and is an active member of the Hinoki Bonsai Club, where he served as president from 2016-2018. He's known for his inspiring lectures and demonstrations on bonsai in the surrounding area,.

When he's not working on his bonsai creations, Ben shares his extensive knowledge as an industrial design teacher at Virginia Tech. His research interests include online education and speculative & critical design theory.

Follow Ben's incredible bonsai journey and get inspired to start your own!


Gro Bonsai YouTube

Darren George
Bonsai Artist Youtuber

Introducing Darren - a true bonsai enthusiast on a mission to spread joy and positivity through bonsai. He firmly believes that if everyone kept bonsai, the world would be a better place. Darren is dedicated to helping others experience the same happiness and fulfillment he gets from bonsai.

On his YouTube channel, you'll find a wealth of information aimed at bonsai beginners, including tips, tactics, techniques, and even tales of both the good and the bad that he's learned on his journey from hobbyist to professional. Get a glimpse into his bonsai world as he shares progress on his own trees and provides valuable insights to help you cultivate and care for your own bonsai.

Join Darren on his quest to make the world a more beautiful and peaceful place, one bonsai at a time. You won't be disappointed!

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