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Vol#14 The positive effect of practicing Bonsai


Hello everyone!

Growing bonsai can be demanding, but there are also many pleasures to be found. What’s more, there are also many benefits that can be gained from it. Therefore, in this discussion, I would like to focus on the merits of cultivating Bonsai trees.

Let’s begin with the satisfaction of practicing bonsai.

1. The enjoyment of cultivating
By observing the growth progress while watering your tree every day, you can feel the change of each season as new buds come out and flowers bloom.

2. The enjoyment of shaping
You can change the shape and angles of your tree simply by imagining the ideal shape and then reproducing it through pruning, wire-wrapping, and replanting,

Next, it is thought that incorporating enjoyable activities into one's work can lead to various positive effects.

The first outcome is the ability to relieve stress.
It is well known that activities such as looking, and touching can help reducing physiologically and psychologically stress.

Another one is the relief of visual fatigue.

Nowadays, there is a lot of information obtained through monitors. As a result, eye exhaustion occurs naturally. It is believed to be true that the color of plants reduces visual fatigue. Therefore, by looking at a seasonal bonsai placed close to the monitor, you can reduce eye exhaustion.

Lastly, it is acknowledged that there are five benefits to children's development.

Developing the five senses.
Expand your emotional range.
Developing a humble and patient attitude.
Connecting practical knowledge with hands-on experience.
Developing a strong foundation in environmental studies.
I strongly encourage parents to consider growing bonsai with their children.

Until next time!

 ReBonsai Yusuke Ogawa 

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