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Interlocking 4PCS kenzans
Interlocked Mini 4PCS Kenzans
Hand interlocking the 4PCS Mini Kenzans
Top view on the mini interlock kenzans
Mini Kenzans locked in long vertical shape
Other shape combination of interlock Kenzans
hand holding the 4 mini interlock kenzans
4 mini interlock kenzans in the original box
Interlock mini kenzan next to the original box

4PCS of 1.25"x1.18"(32x30mm) Interlocking Mini Kenzan

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Wazakura 4PCS of Interlocking Mini Kenzan

Ideal for a bud/slender vase holding a single-stemmed flower and unique shaped flower container!

Package: 4 PCS
Size: L 1.25 x W 1.18 x H 0.78 inch (32 x 30 x 20mm)
Weight: 2.64 oz each (75g each)
Material: Brass needle C2700W 18-8 stainless
Made in Japan (Niigata Prefecture)

100% Made in Japan Interlocking Kenzans】
Authentic designed and made in Japan pin frog kenzans for ikebana flower arrangements manufactured by artisans with more than 50 years of experience from the city of Sanjo, Niigata prefecture. Sanjo has been known since 17th century for the delicate metalwork skills of their artisans and blacksmiths.

Ideal for Small Ikebana Floral Arranging and DIY
These flower pin holders stabilizes and keeps in upright position flowers and branches while allowing water and nutrient absorption, extending the usage life of your flower arrangement. It also helps the water to remain clean for longer time. No need of floral foam. Great for professionals and beginners.

Durable and Sturdy Base & Needles, Interconnected Pieces
The base and needles of these small Japanese kenzan flower frogs are made of high grade brass. Because of this, they are very sturdy, solid and long lasting products. The flower holder needles are sharp and fixated on the base. The interlocking pieces can be used to create unique flower arrangements in normal floral containers or bud vases.

How To Use Puzzle Shaped Kenzans
Place a kenzan in a vase and secure flowers or branches by pushing the stems onto the pin frog needles. We recommend cutting the stem at a very sharp angle or in a point for easier placement in the flower holder. Also, we suggest to use very small flowers or a single flower per kenzan.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Vivienne D.
Petite, Practical ...Perfect

So glad I discovered these! They easily realized our vision of a simple elegant table centerpiece decor idea.
Highly recommended!

Julie B.
Perfect fit

It is a perfect fit in my vase. I can expand if needed. Also heavyweight holds flowers

Carol T.
Keeps my flowers in place

Great little flower holders that keep my flowers upright and in the location I wanted them in.

Tailored flower holders for small Ikebana arrangements

"I am delighted to make this wonderful discovery of mini Ikebana holders. They are ideal for small floral arrangements done in the Ikibana style. They allow me to adjust the space and placement of the flowers. A great find. "