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Black round kenzan in its original box
Black roudn kenzan base with Wazakura logo
close up of the round black kenzan in oblique position
bas of the Black kenzan wit rubber gasket showing wazakura logo
Black round kenzan next to its rubber gasket
Close up on the roun d black kenzan logo on the back
61mm Round blakc kenzan next to its original white packaging
61mm and 80mm round black kenzan
61mm round black kenzan
80mm blakc kenzan seen from the back
Premium Black Ikebana Kenzan Flower Pin Frog - Wazakura Japan
Premium Black Ikebana Kenzan Flower Pin Frog - Wazakura Japan

Premium Black Ikebana Kenzan Flower Pin Frog

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UPC/EAN: φ3-1/4"(80mm) 4549462018148 | φ2.4"(61mm) 4549462018131

Wazakura Round Black Ikebana Kenzan Flower Pin Frog
Size Variation: φ2.4"(61mm) | φ3-1/4"(80mm)

Size: φ2.4 x 0.82 inch (φ61 x 21mm)
Weight: 0.5lbs(247g)
Number of Needles: 168
Made in Japan (Niigata Prefecture)
Condition: New

- φ3-1/4"(80mm)
Size: φ3.14 x 0.82 inch (φ80 x 21mm)
Weight: 0.9lbs (409g)
Number of Needles: 331
Made in Japan (Niigata Prefecture)
Condition: New

Pin/needle Size: φ1/16"(1.4mm), H 1/2"(13mm) 
Matches with a darker colored vase and makes kenzan less noticeable.
Easy to care

100% Made in Japan Black Coated Kenzan】
Authentic designed and made in Japan pin frog kenzan for ikebana flower arrangements manufactured by artisans with more than 50 years of experience from the city of Sanjo, Niigata prefecture. Sanjo has been known since 17th century for the delicate metalwork skills of their artisans and blacksmiths.

Ideal for any Ikebana Floral Arranging style
This flower pin holder stabilizes and keeps in upright position flowers and branches while allowing water and nutrient absorption, extending the usage life of your flower arrangement. It also helps the water to remain clean for longer time No need of floral foam. Great for professionals and beginners.

Durable & Sturdy Base and Needles
The base and needles of this Japanese kenzan flower frog are made of high grade brass. This makes it a very solid and long lasting item. The flower holder needles are sharp and fixated on the base. It comes with a detachable rubber gasket that protects the vase from scratches and helps to fixate the kenzan in when placed in a flower container.

How To Use
Place the kenzan in a vase and secure flowers or branches by pushing the stems onto the pin frog needles. We recommend cutting the stem at a very sharp angle or in a point for easier placement in the flower holder.

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Ilse Beunen
Ikebana Artist and Instructor

These kenzans are constructed with a durable material that maintains its black finish, even when scratched with sharp objects. The number of pins per surface area is large, ensuring a secure fixation for your stems and branches. I tested them with thick, heavy branches, and they held up well, maintaining their straight position.

Concealing the kenzan from the viewer's sight is a key element in ikebana. The black finish of these kenzans makes it easier to hide them.

Unlike some lighter kenzans on the market, these offer a good amount of weight. The kenzans' weight provides stability, especially for larger or taller arrangements. Each kenzan has a removable rubber band that protects your containers from scratches and makes them easy to clean. When you receive these kenzans, you'll find them securely packed in an attractive box. The Wazakura engraving on the back of the kenzan reflects the quality of the product inside.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Diane Lee
Awesome 🐸

Looks great! Can’t wait to use it.

Tarah Masniuk
Love the flower frogs

Fantastic tool

Allis Maydew
Perfect size, inconspicuous black

Having a low profile round black vase, this pin frog works magically to create the the scale & display with plant & flowers as I wish for any occasion.
I know other styles/ colors are available & it makes such a great gift.
Happy with the product & the service!

I use this kenzan all the time

This is a great beginner's Kenzan. It has a little heft to it so that it anchors your arrangement well, and the rubber bottom is a must-have to protect your container. It's removable for cleaning. All in all, an excellent purchase for the price.

Ikebana Kenan with rubber base

Black Kenan with rubber base is ideal for dark flower containers with a sensitive glaze: it does not show and does not scratch the bottom of the container.