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Stainless Steel Ikenobo Scissors with original box
Blades of the Stainless Yasugi Steel Ikenobo Scissors
Scisors handle with the engraving word "Japan"
Stainless Yasugi Steel Ikenobo Ikebana Scissors 6.5"(165mm)
Ikenobo Scissors with short description
Hand holding the Yaaugi Stainless Ikenobo Scissors
Stainless YAsugi Ikenobo Scissors on white background

Stainless Yasugi Steel Ikenobo Ikebana Scissors 6.5"(165mm)

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Wazakura Stainless Yasugi Steel Ikenobo Ikebana Scissors 6.5"(165mm)

Size: L 6.50 × W 1.81 × H 0.67 inch (L 165 × W 46 × H 17 mm)
Length of Blades: 1.69 inches (43mm)
Weight: 157g(5.54oz)
Material: SLD Alloy Tool Steel ※SLD is a registered trademark of Hitachi Metals, Ltd. 

Made in Japan (Sanjo, Niigata prefecture)
Condition: New

【Made in Japan by 3rd generation of artisans】
Real Japanese ikebana tools hand forged by third generation of ikebana scissors artisans in the city of Sanjo, in Niigata Prefecture. Sanjo is known since 17th century for the metalwork skills of their artisans and blacksmiths.

【Yasugi Specialty Steel】
Ikebana tools made of Yasugi Specialty Steel, a unique steel produced only in Japan. Yasuki steel is made in the Hitachi Metals plant in Shimane prefecture (Japan). It is created by combining iron and steel, removing impurities (phosphorus, sulfur, etc) that reduce sharpness, and forging and rolling the steel many times with hot processing. The characteristics Yasugi Steel tools are extra strong, wear-resistant and long-lasting sharp tools.

【Clean Cut, Heavy Duty Yasugi Scissors】
With a sharp and sturdy edge, it severs flower fibers cleanly resulting in better water absorption and prolonged life. The open angle makes it good as well for cutting thick branches.

【"Warabi" Handle, Multipurpose Scissors】
Classic Ikenobo School design with curved shaped handles resembling the leaves of a fern. These handles are used for crushing the ends of hard stems and branches as an additional preservation technique. Suitable for general ikebana and flower arrangement tasks, gardening and delicate work. No problem with thick branches.

【Video: How are Wazakura's YASUGI STEEL scissors made?】

【Video: The Artisans behind Wazakura's Yasugi Steel Bonsai Scissors】

Meet Mr. Shige, the Japanese artisan behind our Yasugi Steel Bonsai Scissors (and ikebana as well!) and have a sneak peek at its manufacturing process.

Customer Reviews

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elis hnatiuk

the scissors feel good in the hand and working with them is definitely a pleasure in its own way :)

Janna Amposta

Stainless Yasugi Steel Ikenobo Ikebana Scissors 6.5"(165mm)

Terenia Bociurkiw
Love the products, but...

You really need to provide individual covers for the shears.

Stevie Lynagh
Perfect form and function

As you would expect from Japanese craftsmanship, the attention to detail is immaculate. Perfectly weighted and reassuringly heavy, the cutting blade gives precision and confidence even for an amateur such as I. Simply put, every time I use them they make me smile.

Valerie Fontanier
Great product

It is a great scissor. I am very happy with my purchase, and the delivery was very quick!