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Foldwing saw with opened blade on white background
Folding saw blade
Folding saw on white background
hand holding the folding saw with the blade out
holding saw with the blade closed
holding saw with dimension information
Hand holding the folding saw about to cut a tree branch
holding saw tihe blad slighly opened
folding saw's blade teeth
Two folding saw blades laying on a branch
Bonsai Folding Saw - Wazakura Japan
Bonsai Folding Saw - Wazakura Japan

Bonsai Folding Saw

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Folded: L 5.71 × W 1.77 × H 0.59 inch (L 145 × W 45 × H 15 mm)
Opened: L 9.84 × W 1.77 × H 0.59 inch (L 250 × W 45 × H 15 mm)
Length of Blade: 3.94 inch (100mm)
Weight: 2.22 oz (63 g)
Material: Blade) SK5 Carbon Steel (Blade), Wood (Handle)
Origin: Japan (Miki, Hyogo)

【100% Made In Japan】
Real Japanese folding hand saw (flush cut) manufactured by local artisan workshop with more than 100 years of experience from the city of Miki, Hyogo prefecture (Japan) specializing in gardening knives and chisels. Miki has been know since the 17th century (early Edo period) for the metalworking skills of its blacksmiths, producing some of the finest and most precise hand tools, hardware, woodworking and bonsai tools. 

【Pocket Size Folding Hand Saw】
Compact mini folding hand saw ideal for flush cutting. Its pocket size males it easy to carry and portable. The flexible blade is specially designed for fine bonsai branch pruning, gardening, woodworking, trimming dowels, pegs. or in general anyrhing requiring precision. 

【Long Lasting Japanese Steel Blade Sharpness】
The blade is made of quality Japanese carbon steel SK5. By applying heat (impact hardened) during the quenching, together with the properties of the carbon steel, it makes for a stronger, sharper and long lasting blade. Also, plating is applied to prevent rust.

【How To Use】
Apply force when pulling and relax when pushing every time you work with wood. Hold the handle from the middle to the end (far from the blade) and cut by laying the saw on its side. After each use, press the stopper and fold the saw. *If the blade is difficult to open and close even when pressing the stopper, turn the screw at the base of the blade to adjust. Please note that the blade may pop out if it is too loose. 

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Customer Reviews

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Dean Psyhogios
Quality tools

Needed to rebuild my Bonsai tool
Box after tools I had for many years.
Wazakura Japan has provided to be
Of the highest quality. I plan on rebuilding my Bonsai tool box with more
Wazakura tools.

Charles C.
Bonsai Folding Saw

These are great little saws. I've had one for a long time and had a lot of trouble finding another one. I'm very happy to have found a new one.