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Wazakura Bonsai Spring Care Product Guide 2022

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Spring has arrived and just like other plants in your garden, your little bonsai tree will soon start budding out with the new growing season. However, unlike other members of your garden,
your bonsai tree needs more of your attention.

Spring Bonsai Tree Care

How do you use your bonsai tools?

- Repotting -

- Pruning -


Wazakura Japan is hornered to be a part of your bonsai journey.
We were born not only wanting to make quality tools accessible worldwide but aiming to keep Japanese crafts alive as well. That is why all our tools are designed & manufactured in local Japanese workshops.
Thank you for believing in our mission and for all the support you continue to give us.
We would not be where we are as a bonsai tool business without any of you.

Enjoy a little taste of Japan at home with tools 100% Made in Japan by skilled local artisans.

Arigatou! And Happy Bonsai!

The Wazakura Japan Team