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Pick Your Bonsai Tools | How to Bonsai

Major Bonsai Tasks

Branch cutting
Knob cutting
Root caring
Branch shaping
Maintenance and assistance


Some bonsai upkeeping tasks; below are Wazakura tools suggestions:


bonsai pruning

The most basic and frequent of operations in bonsai or pre-bonsai. Bonsais will grow branches or shots which are not fitting to the idea and will require cutting.

Check "Types of Scissors for Your Bonsai Pruning" to select the best scissors for you


・Branch cutting:

When a branch needs to be taken out completely, out from its base at the trunk. Regular scissors will not be able to cut cleanly, leaving a small leftover which will heal to become more pronounced.
A specialized branch cutter works in such a way, the branch will be cut clean from its base.

Check "Shaping Your Bonsai" to select the best branch cutters for you


・Knob cutting:

to take care of the knobs after the branch is cut. These are advance tools that will hollow the cut by gouging wood out of it.

Check "Shaping Your Bonsai" to select the best branch cutters for you



The procedure of taking the bonsai from its pot to a new one. Necessary once the roots take all available space, making it both to find nutrients or even stay in the old pot. For a smooth procedure several tools may be of use.


・Root caring:

repotting is the time for root caring. On the one hand, rakes will be necessary to loosened the entangled roots. If they are too long, root trimming with scissors or cutters should be consider.


bonsai tree wire cutting
・Branch shaping:

Bonsai is an art and thus image and shape is important. For this, wire is normally applied to give shape to the branches and let them grow in the intended direction. To apply and remove the wire, a set of pliers and wire cutters are heavily recommended.
Then, a more advance way of shaping when the branches are too hard is to use a splitter tool; allows to do a vertical cut thus splitting to make the branch or trunk bendable until it heals.

Check "Shaping Your Bonsai" to select the best branch cutters for you



soil scoop

work to have a good soil for the bonsai. Also to decorate and have a complete bonsai image.



bonsai scissors sup remover
・Maintenance and assistance:

to support your hobby, many different accessories are available to lend a hand.

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