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Types of Scissors for Your Bonsai Pruning

Wazakura Bonsai Scissors

Bonsai Scissors are the basics of basics, usually suitable for pruning but may be able to perform general operations as well. It is important to consider the branch thickness before picking.


Types of Scissors

traditional stainless scissors

Traditional Model:

Widely know scissors with butterfly design for general purposes as they tend to be quite strong.(Stainless version available)

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ashinaga bonsai scissors long handle

Variation of the butterfly design with longer reach to help reach deeper into the bonsai.

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satsuki bonsai trimming scissors

Long scissors with smaller frame; recommended model when the leaves and branches are so many, a special frame and reach is required for precise trimming instead of strength.

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One of these scissors is all you need to get started nice and simple. Still, for better results and improvement, specialized tools will be required.



bonsai tool essential starter kit
Wazakura Starter Set:

Scissors, rake, pliers and broom.

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Twig Scissors

Twig & Mini Scissors:

For very detailed trimming and mini bonsai trees as well. Based on the tree you are taking care, these scissors may adapt better.

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Wazakura's selection is limited to our current stock, but new tools are being incorporated regularly.
Keep tuned for new product news in the future; they may adjust to your bonsai. 
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