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Wazakura Ikebana Fall-Winter Product Guide 2023

Wazakura Ikebana Fall-Winter Product Guide 2023

As the year transitions from autumn to winter, we're thrilled to join you on this seasonal journey.

At Wazakura Japan, we have something special for you and your loved ones. Our collection includes Ikebana scissors, kenzan, vase, bowls, cutters, wire, and a variety of accessories.

Don't miss our enchanting Ikebana and Floral Arrangement tool kits, ideal for both beginners and experts, and perfect for gifting. Whether you're creating a modern or traditional elegant flower composition, find everything you need to enhance your skills.

With our expert guidance and quality products, your Floral art endeavors will thrive all year.

Discover the benefits of choosing Wazakura Japan for your Ikebana tool needs!

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Word of the Expert

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Ilse Beunen
Ikebana Artist and Instructor

As an ikebana enthusiast and instructor, I've enjoyed using the ikenobo model scissors from the Wazakura brand. The ikenobo model scissors are used in several ikebana schools, including the Sogetsu school I teach.

The balance of these scissors is spot-on. Surprisingly, they are heavier than I was used to, enhancing their ease of use. Elegantly packaged and engraved with the Wazakura label, the scissors immediately convey their high-quality craftsmanship.

Crafted in Japan, these scissors offer remarkable sharpness, making clean cuts a breeze. They enable me to work gracefully with delicate stems and sturdy branches, preserving the natural beauty of each element.

I wholeheartedly recommend these Japanese-made scissors for those seeking reliable ikebana tools.


Word of the Expert

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Ilse Beunen
Ikebana Artist and Instructor

These kenzans are constructed with a durable material that maintains its black finish, even when scratched with sharp objects. The number of pins per surface area is large, ensuring a secure fixation for your stems and branches. I tested them with thick, heavy branches, and they held up well, maintaining their straight position.

Concealing the kenzan from the viewer's sight is a key element in ikebana. The black finish of these kenzans makes it easier to hide them.

Unlike some lighter kenzans on the market, these offer a good amount of weight. The kenzans' weight provides stability, especially for larger or taller arrangements. Each kenzan has a removable rubber band that protects your containers from scratches and makes them easy to clean. When you receive these kenzans, you'll find them securely packed in an attractive box. The Wazakura engraving on the back of the kenzan reflects the quality of the product inside.

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