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Wazakura Bonsai Fall-Winter Product Guide 2023

Wazakura Bonsai Fall-Winter Product Guide 2023

As the year transitions from autumn to winter, we're thrilled to join you on this seasonal journey.

At Wazakura Japan, we have something special for you and your loved ones. Our collection includes bonsai scissors, trimmers, pots, cutters, wire, and a variety of accessories.

Don't miss our enchanting bonsai tool kits, ideal for both beginners and experts, and perfect for gifting. Whether you're repotting, trimming, or crafting your bonsai, find everything you need to enhance your skills.

With our expert guidance and quality products, your bonsai endeavors will thrive all year.

Discover the benefits of choosing Wazakura Japan for your bonsai tool needs!

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Premium Quality and Effortless!

・Sturdy and extremely sharp tools that will last!

・Comfortable grip and user-friendly design for beginner and professionals alike.

Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every product we make!





Word of the Expert


Appalachian Bonsai YouTube

Ben Kirkland
Instructor of Industrial Design, Virginia Tech

I am in love with my Yasugi twig scissors. Just holding them gives me the confidence that I know what I'm doing. The precision and swiftness of the cut is exactly what you would expect from something so well made. I am not disappointed - I am thrilled!


Word of the Expert


ReBonsai YouTube

Yusuke Ogawa
Japanese Bonsai Artist

I use it for thick branches, root processing, and jin work. The handle is just right, and the sharpness is excellent. I can cut thick branches without applying excessive force, making the work smooth and effortless. The blades seem to fit well together, leaving no fibers behind, which makes the work stress-free. The clean cut also makes post-processing easier and minimizes stress on the tree.

Need some help? Feel free to use our dedicated quiz finder to assist in finding the right tool category!

How do you use your bonsai tools?

- Repotting -

- Pruning -

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