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Yusuke Ogawa x Wazakura Japan

Meet our new bonsai artist, Yusuke Ogawa. He has worked with us as our bonsai tool consultant in the past. And now he is joining the Wazakura Japan family in a more stable role as our resident bonsai expert.

From now on, he will be sharing tips, bonsai techniques, lessons, critiques and master classes not only on how to use your Japanese bonsai tools, but on how to take care and grow your bonsai tree. And much more!

Discover what brought Mr. Ogawa to dedicate his life to bonsai trees, his hopes with this collaboration with Wazakura Japan and much more below!

NAME: Yusuke Ogawa

OCCUPATION: Bonsai artist and owner of Rebonsai (Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture)

BACKGROUND: After working in an office for many years, he decided to change his life and career path. For some time, he worked during weekdays in the office and studied bonsai in a nursery while living in Osaka. After turning 30, he decided to become a full-time bonsai artist and found a position in a bonsai nursery in Saitama, where he spent 6 years before moving to Itoshima and founding Rebonsai, his bonsai business.

SPECIALIZATION: Bonsai styling and Suiseki creations for display in tokonoma.

COLLABORATION WITH WAZAKURA JAPAN: 'I want to make bonsai culture more accesible to the general public. The image that many people have, including in Japan, is that bonsai is an activity very difficult or that is expensive. I want to change that and make bonsai something that both adults and clidren can enjoy in evereryday life'

WHAT IS REBONSAI: 'I want to promote bonsai reuse. Sometimes owners cannot take care of bonsais anymore, or they moved far and cannot keep them. We offer a shelter for the trees and take care of them until we find a new owner for them.'


1) Educational videos in our new Wazakura Japan's Youtube channel

With the help of Mr. Ogawa, we will discuss bonsai techniques, tool features and their correct use, tips for beginners and advanced learners, bonsai styling and much more! 

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Have a sneak peek of this collaboration!


2) Blog Articles (and your input is important!)

Each month, Mr. Ogawa will publish in our blog between one and two articles showcasing his expertise.

Here he will discuss the latest bonsai topics, techniques and news. But he will also answer your questions and doubts.

So if there is something you would like to be covered, or have any questions regarding bonsai creation, soil, trees, etc, let us know to our email.



The Wazakura Japan Team