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Bonsai Wind Protection


It is a good idea to consider your local weather for deciding about bonsai and where it is going to be place.

Wind should be taken into consideration as well since it can damage bonsai leaves, break branches or make it fall breaking its pot. Damage does not have to be fatal but it can destroy years for work and shaping.

Consider outdoor placement and where does the wind currents usually come from. Are you living in an area prone to storms or typhoons? Or just should be taking into consideration that your local winds are quite dry putting a toll to the tree’s moisture?

Some things you can consider to protect your bonsai trees:

  • Secure the bonsai to its pot and support.
  • Instead of total barrier against the wind, people recommend shielding with partial barriers. The reason is that total barriers causes turbulence that does not end up protecting but exposing more. 
    Partial barriers avoid the turbulences while reducing the wind speed into safer levels.
  • Wind makes the soil dry, taking the weight up the tree. Watering back the soil gives an extra stability to the base.

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