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How to Select a Kenzan for Ikebana

kenzan collectionToday we switch from bonsais to the other side of Wazakura; Ikebana flower arrangement.
One of the best gifts from Japan to flower arrangements come from their wonderful kenzan flower base.

Said to be first developed during the Japanese Taisho era (~1910); there are accounts that places its creation during the previous Meji era, then perfected it to get into the shape we use today.

Picking up a kenzan requires taking several points in consideration:
  1. Container size to fit the arrangement.
  2. The “mizugiwa”, ikebana normally add water to the container to improve the looks and keep flowers fresh. Fitting the water neatly with the kenzan should be consider.
  3. Container level, in case of deep ones, can be set with platforms or fillings. Leaving a height difference from about 1.5 to 2cm deep from the edge is the general rule.
  4. Type of plants to decide the needle style.
  5. How to best combine shape and color.

Here are the Wazakura kenzan selection and some recommendations based on the above:

brass kenzan
->Wazakura Round Brass Kenzan

  • 61mm & 80mm diameters available. Choose the most appropriate for balance.
  • Great to fit the average round shape container.
  • Brass “yellow” color to match bright arrangements.
  • Needle quantity recommended for “woody” type of flowers.
  • Includes a anti-slippery, removable rubber band.

    black kenzan
    -> Wazakura Round Brass Kenzan [Black coated version]

    •  Like above.
    •  Black coating makes it suitable to hide the kenzan by matching dark containers.
    •  Also can match while using dark filling to set the level in deep containers.
    •  Includes a anti-slippery, removable rubber band.

      sun and moon kenzan

        ->Sun & Moon Brass Kenzan

        • Special 2-in-1 kenzan with interlocking feature. Fit 1 bigger, elongated container or split in 1 regular round and 1 crescent moon shape for a more exotic design.
        • Includes an anti-slippery, removable rubber band.

          clear kenzan
          ->Clear Kenzan

          • Plastic kenzan. Due to its transparent body, it is great to hide the kenzan while using glass like containers.
          • Regular 80mm & reduced 53mm diameter to fit smaller containers.
          • Includes an anti-slippery, removable rubber band.

            mini kenzan
            -> 4pcs Mini Brass Kenzan

            • 4pcs set in round and square shapes to fit a variety of small containers.
            • Single flower holder for minimalist arrangements.
            • Easy to cover in the mizugiwa water due small frame.

              interlocking mini kenzan
              ->4pcs Mini Brass Kenzan; Interlock Puzzle Model

              • 4pcs of squared mini kenzan.
              • Versatile shaping. From one big square to small separated ones; can be reshape into original forms to match very special containers.
              • Easy to cover in the mizugiwa water due small frame.
              • More details in the links above.

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