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Bonsai for Beginners: Bonsai Carving & How to Create jin and shari

Our collaborator Yusuke Ogawa explains how to create beautiful jin and shari in the bonsai tree branches and trunk.

Wazakura Japan's resident bonsai artist gives a practical explanation on how to do bonsai carving and carve deadwood features in your bonsai. Using for this demonstration a juniper bonsai tree and Wazakura Japan tools, Mr. Ogawa goes over the basic principles and tools behind this bonsai styling carving technique.

Spear Shaped Bonsai Chisel 7.2" (185 mm)
Hand Forged Bonsai Wire and Jin Pliers 8.25"(210mm)

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Wazakura Japan is a Japanese company that delivers since 2019 the best bonsai and ikebana tools worldwide. We want to not only make quality tools for the art of bonsai and ikebana accessible worldwide, but to keep Japanese traditional crafts and arts alive as well.

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