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Goyomatsu Bonsai Daily Care


Say hello to the new friend of the Wazakura family.
This bonsai is a Goyomatsu, Japanese White Pine tree. Famous for its “five needle pine” shape of its leaves. Will be featuring this along Wazakura other bonsai in the future.

Here are a few points about Goyomatsu:

【Pinus parviflora】

  • Evergreen coniferous type
  • Resistant to cold weather
  • Watering; Autumn/Spring=once a day – Summer=twice a day – Winter=once every 3 days. Normally, is good to water once the soil looks dry.
  • Keep in well ventilated places and exposed to light.
  • Mainly outdoor plant. Keep indoors for max 3 days (Spring to Autumn). Up to 1 week in winter.
  • Do not expose directly to the air conditioner.
  • 1 piece of fertilizer per month, from April to September (except mid-summer and rainy season if any).

All things consider, is a quite popular and good-looking tree for its needle type short leaves quite accessible for beginners as it does not require exhaustive caring.

Another interpretation for he “goyo” and “matsu” in different kanjis is “business” & “wait”. Which made this tree into a lucky charm for business success. Also, a symbol of longevity.

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