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Bonsai Winter Caring

bonsai _winter caring

In case of outdoor bonsai caring in cold areas, there should be a few things to consider first:

In previous posts we talked about the fact that, for many trees living in 10 or less degrees Celsius temperatures areas, the depth of its roots is crucial to protect them. As bonsai cannot have deep roots to ward against freezing temperatures, the key element will be protection.

  • Store in a greenhouse.
  • Cold protective frame builds ups.
  • Shield the pot against the freeze.

Autumn is also important as this season will tell the tree to get ready for Winter. Make sure to not overprotect the tree to avoid disrupting this process. Additionally, once the tree becomes dormant due to the low temperatures, a sudden exposure to heat may awake it which is dangerous to do before the time is right.

Aside, make sure to take in special consideration if the tree has special requirements for Winter.

 ->Ex. Trees may require far less watering than during the rest of the year.

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