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Bonsai Soil for Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Soil for Bonsai Trees

Bonsai depends on soil so its composition has a huge impact on the growth of the bonsai tree. 

All trees require soil to supply and support it; and is more important for bonsai since they relay in a shallow and reduce amount of soil for it to grow in. That is why, the type of soil being used to rise the bonsai is specially more sensitive than usual.


Bonsai soil balances the following three points to sustain the tree:

  • Water retention: keep it moist so the roots can feed on water.
  • Drainage: excessive water on the other hand is dangerous, thus the soil needs to get rid of the excess, so aeration is good and excess of water or salt do not kill the roots.
  • Aeration: good soil let tiny gaps to let air in. Through them oxygen and good bacteria can get in to supply the tree.

    To achieve a good balance, the characteristics of the tree need to be understood as well as the arrange of soils available. From here, the type of soil, size of the grains and the mixture will help rise the bonsai. This is the moment when a good set of soil sieves will be critical as selecting the proper soil gains could be enough to get a decent enough soil.

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