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Bonsai Placement


Bonasi placing should be carefully consider before getting a bonsai in the first place.

Following the idea that there are Outdoor and Indoor bonsais, along with other consideration like humidity, heat, weather and others; makes the decision of where you want to place your bonsai a very important one.


Indoor Bonsai:

Indoor does not mean that the bonsai can survive on LED light. These bonsai normally require a lot of light, so making sure they are in the best illuminated window is important (normally, oriented to the south).

       ->Try to put close to the window to maximize the amount of sunlight.


Outdoor Bonsai:

Expected to stay outside the house all year round and with lots of light (an enclosed courtyard with limited light may not do). Here, the trick is that during extreme conditions like Summer high temperature or Winter strong weather, may force to give some protection to the bonsai.

       ->Ex. If Summer is too hot, a shade to provide cover during the extreme hours should be consider.

       ->Ex. Trees normally withstand Winter temperatures, partly because the roots are deep and safe from freezing. Bonsai are planted in shallow soil so this could become an issue.


Again, I recommended to consider the above BEFORE getting a bonsai. If you buy one and discover your house does not have a proper space for the tree, the tree will pay for it. Understanding which type of tree you are buying and the specifics of that tree is capital; once done, taking care of it is not specially complicated.

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