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Beauty and Functionality of Traditional Bonsai Scissors with Butterfly Handle

The butterfly handle bonsai scissors are the traditional bonsai scissors per excellence. Their design offers a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality, different to other models.  

They are manufactured to enhance the pruning of trees for all bonsai practitioners. A perfect solution for all levels, no matter if you are a bonsai beginner or an experienced bonsai enthusiast.  

The Origins of a Classic  

Traditional bonsai scissors have a rich history. Normal garden and flower scissors were used for a long time. But it was not until 1919 when Masakuni (Shichinosuke Kawasumi, 1880-1950) designed and commercialized the first specific bonsai scissors and tools. His butterfly handles shaped bonsai scissors represented a modern evolution in the world of bonsai tools. Originating from the ancient arts form of penjing and bonsai, these scissors brought a fresh approach to the art's style and ergonomics of all people practicing it.  

Traditional Bonsai Scissors with its packaging 

Design Advantages That Stand Out  

The present butterfly handle's design resembles delicate butterfly wings in movement when in action. It adds elegance and, since they are not spring loaded, the traditional scissors’ handle ensures a comfortable grip for all users. The ergonomic principles contribute as well to reducing hand fatigue and provide precise control.  

  • Ergonomic Design  

The butterfly handle shape of the traditional bonsai scissors is big and wide. This helps to fit naturally in anyone’s hand. As mentioned before, the grip feels comfortable to the hand. It minimizes fatigue during extended bonsai tree pruning. That way you can enjoy a relaxed branch cutting session, while maintaining full control of your bonsai scissors.  

You can also reach tight spaces with ease and make precise cuts thanks to the butterfly handle. The pointy blade is not far from the handle, which ensures control while trimming or pruning. Because of that, you can navigate through the leaves and branches of your bonsai tree without any effort.   

  • Aesthetical Design  

The butterfly handle’s slim design adds a touch of beauty. Without sturdy grips or covers, its elegance complements the artistry and attention to detail that characterizes bonsai. It enhances both the visual appeal of the tool and your experience. But never without taking away from its functionality!  

Today's Popularity  

In recent years, butterfly handle-shaped bonsai scissors have gained popularity among bonsai artists. Ashinaga and Satsuki bonsai scissors are still used, but they have very specific purposes. Butterfly handle scissors, on the other hand, are ideal for various purposes (branch or root pruning, trimming, shoot and leaf cutting, etc.) and can even be used for ikebana or general gardening work. Since they can easily cut a diameter of up to about 1/2 inches, an increasing number of users are opting for the traditional bonsai scissors model due to its versatility.  

After all, the handle shape represents a contemporary adaptation of the needs and preferences of bonsai artists. A fresh perspective and a more enjoyable pruning experience!  

 hand holding a traditional bonsai scissors

Choose Quality, Choose Wazakura Traditional Bonsai Scissors

It is important to have in mind several factors when selecting the right bonsai scissors. Things such as the blade quality, handle durability, and craftsmanship. You should consider your specific needs and preferences about blade material, size, and comfort. The right pair of bonsai scissors will ensure you an experience tailored to your requirements.  

Great tools, like the traditional bonsai scissors with a butterfly handle, enhance the bonsai practical experience. Adding these bonsai scissors into your tool kit optimizes your pruning and trimming, no matter your skill level. Both beginners and professional enthusiasts will find them a must have!  

Trust the craftsmanship of Wazakura Japan’s Yasugi Traditional Bonsai Scissors. Hand-forged in Japan by skilled artisans, these bonsai scissors embody exceptional quality. They are made of Yasugi Steel, a metal native to Japan used also for the creation of traditional katanas. Experience the quintessence of Japanese blacksmithing and surpass your expectations with every cut. 


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