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3 piece Bonsai Garden tools

The tools are excellent, very sharp and assists me in making my Bonsais beautiful
Thank you very much

Jin knife

This knife offered better control for creating a Jin than the straight edged knife I’ve been using. Very pleased with this purchase.

Sin and mon kensa

Vero good

Excellent quality steel and craftsmanship

I am a beginner in the art of bonsai but I have been around tools for many years. Wazakura shears are made with exceptionally good steel and crafted with care. Highly recommended!


Wonderful tools, great quality.

Good bonsai tool.

I bought 2 Ashinaga scissors. They are good scissors for professional and amateur bonsainer. I like Japanese bonsai tools the best. Thanks Ashinaga.

#240 Sharpening Oilstone for Blades

Worth every penny

I'm new to bonsai, and wasn't really fond of my first pair of scissors I got from Amazon for $30. I decided to try these, and it's night and day. The point is much finer, so I can get between juniper needles. They feel great in your hand, and move like butter. Great pair of scissors. I'm glad I got a second pair for my mom too, with her mother's day bonsai.

Good quality tool

I have a full set of Wazakura bonsai tools that I am very happy with. I found the value good, they are heavy and solid steel and do well for all the tasks involved in training bonsai. I recommend these for thier value.

Love these tools

Good weight great quality tools. Shipped very quickly as well.