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Shipping and Estimate Delivery Time

Important Notice (Update on August-30):

Due to suspension and reduction of flights from/to Japan due to the COVID-19 global spread, temporary halt of Japan Post EMS mail and regular airmail service etc. operations, shipments are delayed until further notice. Shipments to 160 countries/territories will be affected. To see the list of the affected countries/territories click here or contact us at

※Suspension Applicable Countries Updated on April-26※
Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Bhutan, Fiji,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Guam, United States of America, Puerto Rico, Spain, Nepal

※Non-subjected countries - there may be a delay on the delivery. We ship your order and notify the tracking number within 3-5 business days for those non-subjected countries.

For US/Canada residents, 

The items are shipped from our US/Canada inventory center with free shipping.
※If the ordered items are NOT in stock in our US/Canada inventory center, the items will be shipped via EMS from Japan. In that case, the shipping fee will apply automatically on your total order. We will e-mail you the tracking number after your order is shipped.

For Non-US/Canada residents,  

The items are packed securely and shipped by Japan Post. We will e-mail you the tracking number after your order is shipped.
The shipping fee is charged based on the total weight.
Please see the estimate delivery times below.

Shipping from Japan (Japan Post EMS)

Area Countries EMS
Asia China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand etc.  4 to 7 days
Oceania Australia, New Zealand, Fiji etc. 4 to 6 days
North America U.S., Canada, Mexico etc. 4 to 6 days
Europe Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, U.K. etc. 5 to 9 days
Africa Egypt, South Africa etc. 6 to 9 days
South America Argentine, Brazil etc. 7 to 10 days


Please note that you will be responsible for any import taxes if applicable.